Our Story

The long journey from admiration for beautiful vintage jewelry to Rings from Things, like many other of life's adventures was a long and winding road.

The Beginnings

Texas resident Karen L Simon an accomplished real estate broker and husband Henry Simon, a respected attorney developed a keen appreciation for antique jewelry from their years of international travel. On an anniversary trip to London, they ventured into the antique market on Upper Brook Street, where she stopped by to visit an old friend who had years before convinced her to buy an unusual coral ring.

She watched a dealer working at his bench transforming an antique pendant into a lovely ring that would certainly be worn more that a pendant now. He explained how he removed the centerpiece of that pendant and after giving it a thorough cleaning, fixed the little treasure to a ring shank. There was no market today for these out-of-vogue pendants and brooches anymore. But a ring, he said, would find new life with a jewelry lover who could cherish these beautiful little pieces now converted into chic rings. All that was needed was a skilled craftsman who knew how to complete the process and breathe life again into yesteryear's treasures.

Citrine unset
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The Discovery

Karen could not bear to think that many such forgotten pieces would be melted down for their metals and gemstones if they did not find someone some who would salvage these jewels and give them a second life as a modern ring.

They made no purchases in London that day but continued their trip to Barcelona, stopping in for a visit at the venerable jewel house, Begues-Massiera. The manager there affirmed what the Simons heard in London; there was no market anymore for pins and brooches of a bygone era. Well made older jewelry was routinely melted down for its metal and stones. This was enough to prompt Karen to begin to collect these precious items and save them from destruction. From this moment of revelation, Rings from Things came into being.

Creating Something Amazing

Her first collection of vintage rings came from New York's iconic Jewelers Exchange on west 47th Street. After browsing through a rather unremarkable tray of older pins and such, she started to chat with the dealer there. Explaining what her intentions were, the dealer soon understood what she was going to do with these old pieces that languished in the dusty bins. "Why don't you and your husband go across the street for a cup of coffee and come back here in about thirty minutes?" he suggested.

When they returned, the dealer wore a broad smile over his face and presented three black velvet trays brimming with pins, pendants and brooches he had fetched from his safe. The purchases they made in that shop that day were the foundation for the Rings from Things inaugural collection.

Fortunately, the Simons live in Fort Worth, Texas which has some exceptionally talented craftsmen in various fields. They engaged three different jewelry craftsmen, and each has contributed significantly to the success of this enterprise.

The Search Continues

Because the Simons travel often, they have sourced fine antique and vintage pieces in such places as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boca Raton and Palm Beach, FL. In Palm Beach in particular, older women often convert their fine jewelry into money after a lifetime of enjoying it. There are many reasons why they no longer want their lovely jewels; changes of lifestyle, insurance premiums to keep up, are just a few of the reasons why they are willing to part with these beauties. I'm sure they take pleasure in knowing that Rings from Things brings their fine jewelry to the fore again for a younger collector who will enjoy these items in a new way.

We have made all of the elegant up-cycled rings you see on our website. We buy no rings in final condition. Each item is given careful cleaning and repair if needed. Our skilled craftsmen understand how to bring each piece back to its glory and carefully match it to a precious metal shank befitting the metal of the centerpiece, either 14K or 18K gold.

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